Write a story about a flower

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Write a story about a flower

Reddit Shares Writing Ideas for Students about Nature— From early American authors like Henry David Thoreau to modern writers like Annie Dillard, nature writing has a long and storied tradition of exploring the natural world through observation and reflection.

Teaching kids to write about nature is one of the best ways to instill an appreciation for the natural world in them while also helping them develop their writing, analytic, and reflection skills. Kids will reflect on everything from how they use their senses in the natural world to the reasons that nature has served as such a long-term source of inspiration to writers and artists around the world.

As they write about and spend more time observing everything they see outside, students will gain a deeper appreciation for nature and a better understanding of how to reflect and analyze their surroundings.

Use these new nature writing prompts to get kids thinking about the beauties of the natural world and their place in it! If you were a part of nature, what element would you be? Spend 15 minutes outside observing the world around you.

Write about what you notice most. What is your favorite season? Write a short story about a summer thunderstorm. What is the most beautiful place in the world? What do you love about it? When you go outside, which of your senses are you most thankful to have?

Do you consider yourself a nature-lover? Why or why not?

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Would you rather have your favorite season all year long or experience different seasons throughout the year? If you could experience any new part of nature, which one would you choose?

Choose a natural object that you can see when you look out the window and write about it. Describe how it looks and moves and imagine how it might sound or feel. How do people who live in the city enjoy nature in comparison to people who live in the country? What element of nature speaks to you the most?

What is your favorite place outside to explore? What do you think life was like for our ancestors who had to live off of the resources they could get from nature?

Do you think you could have survived this way? Write a story or poem in which nature is the main character rather than just a setting.

Flower Stories.

What is your favorite time of day to be outside? What do you like about it?Sidewalk Flowers – Writing a Story Without Words Sticky Post By Groundwood Books On February 21, With 7 Comments JonArno Lawson is the author of numerous books for children and adults, including Enjoy It While It Hurts, Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box, and Think Again.

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write a story about a flower

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Poets write about the flowers and enrich our literature. Harmfulness: If we smell a flower we, of course, get sweet smell, but there are some worms that get into our nostrils and do harm to us.

Flowers–light blue, small, on a one-sided raceme, coiled up at the tip and unfolding as the flowers open–calyx five-lobed–corolla is round and flat, or salver shaped–stamens five–there is a .

write a story about a flower

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The Most Beautiful Flower - Story by Author Unknown