The presentation of warfare heroism adventure and divinity in the iliad

The honor of every person in Homeric culture was important, but to the hero, his honor was paramount. He could not endure insults, and he felt that he had to protect his reputation — even unto death. The Homeric hero believed that men had to stand together in battle; men had to respect each other; and they had to refrain from excessive cruelty.

The presentation of warfare heroism adventure and divinity in the iliad

The presentation of warfare heroism adventure and divinity in the iliad

How does the quest for honor and glory account for their actions? How important is the recognition of mortality? Compare the women characters from the Iliad and Odyssey. Clearly the women characters are more prominent in the Odyssey, but in what way are they similar or different?

What role do women play in each epic work? What is the role of women in Homer? Clearly they represent domestic ideals, but they also represent other important values and features in the narrative. Explicate what you think of Homers us of women characters in the Iliad and Odyssey.

Are there any interesting modern parallels? The Odyssey is best known for the fantastic series of adventures the Odysseus undergoes.

The presentation of warfare heroism adventure and divinity in the iliad

Pick one or two episodes and draw modern parallel. What is the significance of this episode? Does it teach us a lesson or reveal something important about the human condition or just archaic Greek values?

Odysseus is constantly trying to get home to Ithaka. He forsakes a goddess Calypso and other alluring women e. What does this tell us about the virtues of Odysseus?

What roles do the gods play in human life? How does this make a difference in the storylines? In what way does Odysseus character develop during the course of the narrative? Does he develop at all? Compare other characters e. An important cultural concept in the Odyssey is xenia generosity and courtesy to strangers, especially travelers form afar.

What role does it play in the narrative? How is it established as a key value? Why might hospitality have held more significance in Homers time than it does today? Draw a comparison between the themes presented in any two of the works we have read thus far Epic of Gilgamesh, Genesis, Exodus, Job, Iliad, Odyssey.

Use specific examples to illustrate the theme s and your main point about its treatment in the stories. In the Odyssey and the story of Gilgamesh have given us two visions of the underworld.

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What is the picture of the underworld we are given in these works? Does it resonate with modern versions of the underworld?

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Most of the presentations and slideshows on PowerShow.In Ancient Greece, there are many examples of what it means to be a hero. One of the greatest written epics, ''The Iliad'', is a testament to the heroics of many Greek and Trojan warriors.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The Paradox of Heroism in Homer’s Iliad The Iliad presents a full range of valorous warriors: the Achaians Diomedes, Odysseus, and the Aiantes; the Trojans Sarpedon, Aeneas, and Glaukos.

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The Iliad - The Iliad The story of the gods, friendship, duty, war, fate and how Achilles dealt with these issues The nature of Achilles as a hero Before we get into the | PowerPoint PPT presentation .

This is Alexander Pope's translation of "The Iliad" into heroic couplets. Homer's tale of the Trojan war is a compassionate view of human life lived under the shadow of suffering and death in the face of an overwhelming and often uncaring divinity.