If i were an elephant

The parable[ edit ] The earliest versions of the parable of blind men and elephant is found in Buddhist, Hindu and Jain texts, as they discuss the limits of perception and the importance of complete context. The parable has several Indian variations, but broadly goes as follows: Out of curiosity, they said: So, they sought it out, and when they found it they groped about it.

If i were an elephant

Hainsworth This wonderful little piece by Charles Foster originally published in the GuardianThursday 19 January is posted here for no other reason than it is a delightful and meaningful article.

If i were an elephant

I think rewilding our hearts is the goal of our times, and thinking the way Mr Foster writes here goes a long way to that goal. A nearby human would throb like a bodhran as subsonic waves bounced around her chest.

No room here for the infantile phallocentric Nietzscheanism that is destroying modern human culture. Government would be the business of the females.

Relationality would be everything. Yes, at some level your altruism might be reciprocal altruism, where you scratch my back if I scratch yours, or kin selection, where you are somehow persuaded to sacrifice yourself if your death or disadvantage will preserve a gene in a sufficiently closely related gene-bearer.

Why do elephants seek out other elephants? Not primarily for sex, or for an extra arsenal of receptors to pick up the scent of poachers, or because they assume that the others will have found particularly nutritious food, but because they like other elephants.

If I were an elephant by Anne Wilkinson

This should be terribly unsurprising. Yet many humans will be surprised. The lie is the high-water mark of scientific fundamentalism. You would, no doubt at all, be conscious. All the evidence agrees. None — absolutely none — disagrees. When you looked out contemptuously at humans, wondering why they ate obviously contaminated food, opted to be miserable and alone, or wasted energy on pointless aggression and anxiety, it would be your contempt, as opposed to generic elephantine contempt, or reflexive contempt that bypassed your cerebral cortex, or the contempt of your sister.

Just think about that. Perhaps elephants are explaining the world to themselves by formulating, evaluating and selecting propositions — a faculty we tend to think of as uniquely ours.

That will be too much for most. You and the elephant both have minds, wrought from the same stuff.

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And your minds engage with the world using the same devices. Your neurological hardware differs only in sensitivity: There are some tantalising hints that they can.

They know, and take account of, a great deal more information about the natural world than we do. Back to the shamanic fantasy: All your senses will be turned fully on. By trying to become an elephant, you might become a much more thriving human.

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If you were an elephant living wild in a western city, you’d be confused and disgusted. You’d have one two-fingered hand swinging from your face – a hand as sensitive as tumescent genitals, but which could smash a wall or pick a cherry.

Apr 12,  · If i were an metin2sell.commed by Alexis. If I were an Elephant CD Rom Craft. Contributed by Leanne Guenther.

There is also a TP Roll Elephant on the site, but this elephant has been made especially for the song (it has a banner with "I'd thank-you, Lord, by raising my trunk.").

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Materials: CD Rom or margarine container lid, a printer, glue. I was not expecting it at all but I replied that it depended on what kind of elephant it was. I said that if it was a wild elephant I would try and release it into the wild but if it was a domesticated elephant that could not survive in the wild, that I would try to find a sanctuary for it to live at.

If I were an elephant, I'd thank you Lord for raising my trunk And if I were a kangaroo, You know I'd hope right up to you And if I were an .

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