Application of management functions

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Application of management functions

Lorraine Caplan Certified Educator The four primary functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

In applying these to a particular situation or case study, there are bound to be strengths and weaknesses for each. I hope a few good examples will help you.

Application of management functions

Planning is central to the management of any organization, since an organization without plans stumbles from one crisis to the next and is reactive, rather than proactive. This is as true of the organization The four primary functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

This is as true of the organization that has been in existence for a hundred years as it is for an organization that you are just starting. Who, what, where, when, why, and how are a good starting place for plans.

What is your mission? What good or service are you going to provide? Where will you provide it?

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When will you create it? How will you create it? Who are going to be the people who help you accomplish your mission? If your organization already exists, you must make plans to provide for Application of management functions and in response to problems that have arisen.

No organization can do well without planning. Strengths and weaknesses in planning are often a reflection of the quality and quantity of information the manager gathers or fails to gather in the planning process.

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Is the information on competition comprehensive? Has research been done on the market being aimed at? Has anyone investigated the location a production facility will be located in? Is there transportation available to move the goods? Is there a good pool of qualified employees?

Gathering this sort of information is a strength in planning, and a failure to gather it is a serious weakness. How will the flow of information be organized, horizontally and vertically? The organization of purchasing materials to allow for smooth cash flow is important in the management of an organization, as is the way that the delegation of authority is set up, or the structure of the organization itself, by function, by product, or geographically, for example.

Strengths in organization can be seen in the efficient and effective use of the managed resources, for instance, the use of just in time production when inventory is costly to keep or maintaining a lean workforce with a strong list of extras in a market that fluctuates seasonally.

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Weaknesses emerge when inventory piles up or when too many employees are not fully engaged and productive all the time. Other kinds of organizational weaknesses emerge when communication is not effective or when cash flow is uneven. Another example of poor organization occurs when departments do not consult with one another on a regular basis, so that, for instance, inventory piles up and the marketing department is completely unaware of this.

An additional function of leadership is acting as a representative of an organization in the community. How the leader presents him or herself is the organization in the eyes of the public.

A very creative mission is likely to be best led with a more laid back kind of leader, while a highly structured and rote operation is likely to be best led with a more formal kind of leader.

An additional leadership strength is the ability to delegate. A good leader is going to choose good people to delegate responsibilities to and then let them do their jobs.

To motivate those below, a good leader will be on time every day, work hard, and act like a member of the team. It is simply not enough to implement plans and hope for the best.

Costs of materials might be rising. Control necessitates looking for another supplier.


The employee turnover rate might be high. Good control means keeping an eye on this, so that one can address the problem. Control can easily send the manager back to the planning process, to tweak the plans for a better result.Liquid Application Management shifts the focus of IT from technology performance to business performance.

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Planning is the base function, as well as the foundation for management. Planning requires looking into and understanding the present state of the company or department and deciding where you want.

In keeping with the integrated nature of fisheries ecosystems, these principles cannot be considered in isolation in considering how best to manage fisheries: their implications and consequences overlap, complement and confound each other which is what makes fisheries management .

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